Since the onset of the internet, Justin has tinkered and played with html code. By the time he was in high school, people were coming to Justin to help them build a website. Between his own projects and other's requests, his knowledge grew. It was a complete trial and error for several years. Once Justin got to college, he found classes that helped him sharpen those skills. It wasn't long until he was building superior designs. Added in with his growing eye for graphic design, Justin felt prepared to make a living doing what he loved.

This site is an example of the knowledge, experience, and education combined. There are works of graphic, interface, and web designs.
I have always been interested in the internet. More specifically, I have always found interest in the building and maintaining of websites. Since 1996, I have owned and managed several sites of my own, most of which are still active after over a decade. Additionally, I have created a multitude of sites for friends, family, and businesses that were all viewed as a success.

When I graduated from high school in 2001, I wasn’t sure how I could use this unique set of skills, nor did I know of a college that could help me utilize them better. Over the next several years, I would continue to build websites while maintaining a series of different jobs.
Finally, in 2005, I discovered a college that was opening up in Atlanta, Georgia that was only four hours away. The Savannah College of Art and Design was in the process of branching out into its third incarnation. The college offered serious art degrees that focused almost entirely on artwork and designing. It was a great opportunity for me and I was honored when I recieved my letter of acceptance. That following year, I started my college education in the field of Interactive Design and Game Development.

Through my education, I perfected the skills that had been self taught prior to college. I learned the rights and wrongs of basic design, found new depths to programs such as Photoshop, and challenged myself with entirely new skill sets like the introduction of Flash. Now that I have graduated with my BFA in Interactive Design and Game Development, I am fully prepared to work in the industry I have been playing in for well over a decade. My precise and organized work ethic is rivaled only by my vast imagination for new and exciting designs that reach far outside the ordinary.

Choose from the different categories below to see examples of my work from each field of design. The following sections will contain galleries, links to other sites, and interactive mock-ups. Each one showcases my strengths in a different light and recognizes my ability to do multiple forms of design.
The file that is available for download is a simple one page resume. Cover letters are available by request. I am more than happy to offer whatever is needed to fulfill the obligations of an agency.
I'm fairly easy to get into contact with. I am never without my cell phone and it's set to receive emails. No matter your preference, you can get in touch with me anytime. If for some reason you don't get a response immediately, feel free to leave me a voicemail and I will contact you within 24 hours.